Sunday, 18 March 2018

CTARC Forthcoming Antenna Work Party - 21 Mar '18

Could all CTARC members please take note that there will be an Antenna Work Party at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, 21 March 2018, starting at 09h00. We would be most grateful to those who can find the time to assist.

We will need some hands to enable us to lower the main club mast as well as to get the central coaxial portion of the tower out of its housing, so that various tasks can be applied to same. These various jobs are not expected to consume the entire day!

Thanks in advance!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

CTARC Forthcoming April Meeting - 28 Apr '18

As the CTARC meeting for March was the annual mega flea market held on 3rd March 2018, the next CTARC meeting will only be held at 14h00 on Saturday, 28 April 2018.

Further details will be announced on this blog, on the Sunday bulletins on 145.750 MHz and in Ragchew.

CTARC Committee Meeting - 19 February 2018

CTARC Committee Members are reminded of the committee meeting that will take place on Monday 23 April 2018, at 19h00 at the CTARC Clubhouse.

Please diarise and attempt to be there!

Saturday, 3 March 2018

CTARC Photos of March Flea Market 5/5 - 3 Mar '18

5th (and final) batch of photos; The written report on the flea market is [here].
Photos of the event: [Batch 1] [Batch 2] [Batch 3] [Batch 4] Batch 5

Ian / ZS1SX's car boot...

ZS1PJB and ZS1JX discuss valve bases

Desiree / ZR1VOX  draws the raffle tickets

Kobus / ZS1K (on right) wins the Yaesu cap in the raffle

Peter / ZS1PGC (left) wins the bottle of wine

Dirkie / ZS1X, Kassie / ZR1JK and Mike / ZS1PE

We had about 24 sellers and at least 70 buyers at the event

Keverne / ZS1ABU and Lem / ZS1LEM

Paul / ZS1S and Peter / ZS1OA share a moment of contemplation
over a box of  components last encountered decades ago

John / ZS1JNT, Dirk / ZS1VDP and Celso / ZS1MYG

Not sure who these good folk are, but they sure took an interest in a
massive, heavy old Sony CRF-330K rx that sat there quietly bending gravity

John / ZS1EQ (right) expresses delight at his new acquisition to
James / ZS1ZKZ (centre)

The look of satisfaction is palpable. Now the boxes must be carried to the car

At the end of the afternoon, everyone lent a hand to tidy up
and pack things away

CTARC Photos of March Flea Market 4/5 - 3 Mar '19

4th batch of photos; The written report on the flea market is [here].
Photos of the event: [Batch 1] [Batch 2] [Batch 3] Batch 4 [Batch 5

Paul / ZS1S and Mike / ZS1FP peruse an unidentified piece of gear

Mike / ZS1FP brought an interesting selection of wares in his bakkie...

...and kindly assisted the club with his PA System

Avron / ZS1LA investigates an RF widget

Lem / ZS1LEM and Noel / ZS1FW forage through a pile of FREE STUFF
very kindly made available by Deon / ZR1DE

Paul, Lem, Celso and Peter

Mike / ZS1PE had this nice homebrew adjustable PSU (on table)

The MAGNIFICENT catering ladies who sustained us all
throughout the afternoon. Left to right: Anne, Elsabe,
Desiree / ZR1VOX and Ilse

Steve / ZR1ACM and Paul / ZS1S look suitably pleased

The item on the RHS of the bakkie is, apparently, a GDO.

Two 'scopes and a spectrum analyser.
On the right is a Wavetek signal generator

A nice Icom transceiver and automatic ATU

The table of Tom / ZS1AFS and Sue / ZS1AFR.
In the background are Andrew / ZS1SBM and Fred / ZS1ZV.